How to talk about the faith to children? – A new course

Course for teachers, catechists and parents

The Catechetic Centre is organising a course that consists of theological background and ways to make religious education alive in a way that fits the child’s development. The course will normally last three weekends when there is 7 h of study on Saturday and 3 more hours on Sunday after Mass. In Helsinki, a Tuesday evening course is also available with nine 2.5-hour meetings at 6 to 8:30 p.m. The course teacher is Petra Bungarten form the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics. She will teach in English.

The course also includes some individual work between the meetings.

Additional information and registrations for the courses to the Catechetic Centre, tel. 050 544 0871,

Course schedule for 2017:

Helsinki, Catechetic Centre, Kuusitie 6: February 11th -12th, May 20th -21st, and October 7th -8th

Evening course January 24th, February 14th, March 14th, April 25th, May 16th, June 13th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th.

Tampere, Holy Cross parish:  February 18th -19th, April 22nd -23rd, September 9th -10th

Turku, St Bridget and Blessed Hemming parish: January 28th -29th, April 29th -30th, September 16th -17th

Oulu, Holy Family of Nazareth parish: March 11th -12th, June 10th -11th, October 14th -15th

Kuopio, St Joseph parish: March 18th -19th, May 13th -14th, November 11th -12th